SunLife - Solubilised Sulphur Dyes.

SunLife dyes are solubised sulphur dyes in powder form. Chemically SunLife dyes are thiosulphuric acid derivates, amorphous, collidal material of high molecular weight, and have variable composition. Since these dyes are easily soluble in water, relatively smaller quantities of reducing agents are required.

SunLife dyes are applicable on cellulosic fibres from a reduced bath containing sodium sulphide or other reducing agent. These dyes are virtual non-substantive in water, which makes them unique and can be used for specialized dyeing techniques. SunLife have excellent fastness properties except for hypochlorite bleaching. They also have the ability to cover immature cotton, and in this respect are superior to most vat, reactive and direct dyes.

Salient Features

  • Good solubility in warm water
  • Good all round fastness properties
  • Free from banned amines and comply with Euro Norms
  • Good wash down effect
  • Low salt addition, therefore lesser load on the effluent treatment

Scope of Application.

  • Knits
  • Corduroys
  • Apron Fabrics
  • Linings
  • Outwear popins
  • Garments

The dyestuff are equally suitable for dyeing the cotton component of the blends with polyster fibres.

General Application Methods

SunLife dyes are applicable by Exhaust dyeing & Semi Continous dyeing Application is followed by oxidation, rinsing and soaping
A. Exhaust methods.

1. Jigger
2. Winch
3. Garment / Drum

B. Semi-continuous methods.

1. Pad-Jig
2. Pad- Batch
3. Pad-Dry-Develop

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